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Welcome to Home Prestige Painting

At Home Prestige Painting we take pride in delivering professional painting services and property maintenance to all of our clients, at very affordable prices. We can take any job big or small. We endeavor to present a professional transformation by bringing a fresh coat of paint with extensive dedication of quality in our customer service in Melbourne.

Full House Painting

We know that home decorating is all about looks. We can match colors across the whole spectrum to any theme, and we’re happy to provide the samples of colors and finishes you need to make the right decision. Our lines, colours and finishes are always immaculate and we work with you to get the look you want, while still ensuring you’re using a product that will last and look good for years to come.
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Commercial Painting

We can provide all expert colour matching, paint mixing and sample testing in house, and we can source any product, colour or special finish right here, so you don’t need to order . We understand that commercial decor is all about aesthetics. We can match colours across the whole spectrum to any theme, and we’re happy to provide the samples you need to make the right decision.
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Industrial Painting

We have the experience and ability to conform and work with your special safety, environmental and scheduling requirements, and for large or ongoing projects we appoint a special project supervisor to oversee all necessary paperwork and inductions for the job. A thorough quoting procedure ensures that we do all the homework and legwork before we provide you with a price; no unanticipated costs.
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Our Latest Work

Our reliable team of painters will take the time to get the job completed with your specific requirements in mind, so you’re guaranteed the right advice and a quality finish every time. We’ve been able to build up a strong reputation in Melbourne area, never to forget the support we’ve received over the years from our loyal customers.

Who we are

We care. That care is shown by our quality work combined with our competitive price. We paint your house, office, or apartment as if it was our own and we take pride in our workmanship. We work hard to exceed your expectations every single time.

Fully insured with a premium workmanship guarantee means no risk for our customers. So, let us paint your next project. You will never search for another painter again. Through deep knowledge, skill and years of experience Home Prestige Painting creates a warm atmosphere making your living space more vibrant.

Family owned & operated Business

A wide spectrum of service

We come to you


Our Process


All furniture is moved to the centre of the room, away from the walls. All furniture is covered with plastic. We guarantee that there will be no drops of paint on furniture The remainder of the floor is covered in drop cloths An area is established as a "work area" where the tools are tidely kept and maintained


This is the most important job in your painting project. We take it very seriously. This differentiates our painting company with the competition. Prep is what makes the finished job look professional. All holes and cracks in any to-be-painted area are filled and sanded Walls are checked for smoothness.

First Coat of Paint

If the walls are painted for the first time, they are primed. A coat of primer is applied if it is on contract The first coat is painted on the walls. Depending on the previous colour and many other variables, a first coat might not be enough. There is usually numerous "missed areas" that are seen after the first coat of paint dries up.


At the end of every job, We will inspect the entire painted area to ensure professionalism. The client is called to inspect with the crew if the client is available , if any patch work or any final touch ups required , we will take care of them in the final inspection and hand over the freshly painted premise to the owners.